How does gemstone healing help with anxiety and depression in millennials?

The prolonged lockdown, deteriorating mental and physical health and extended period of working from home sounds like a big laugh that the universe is having at our expense. The whole ordeal of COVID-19 is nothing less than an ultimate nightmare that we are desperately trying to leave behind and move on. Millions of people around the world are directly or indirectly affected by this pandemic. And, although we now have a grip on this horror, there was a time when even advanced medical equipment, years of evolution and technology were as powerless as the general public. At such a time, when hope and positivity were hard to come by, vibrant, enigmatic, and utterly mystical bits of polished minerals called gemstones or healing crystals appeared like a shining ray of sunshine.Also Read – Do You Have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? Everything you need to know

For ages, gemstones have been known for their powerful aura and spiritual, physical and psychological healing characteristics. Genuine gemstones are said to be like sophisticated, subtle friends who ask nothing in return but always support and envelop you in soothing, relaxing vibes. And, because the prevailing difficult times have made it increasingly difficult for people to remain optimistic and at peace, most millennials and Gen Zers have begun to rely on the exceptional benefits of gemstones. In fact, at present, these magnificent healing crystals are not only used for their outstanding healing properties, but also for the unique and paradoxical fashion trend they exhibit. Everyone is reassured by the extraordinary visual effects and healing qualities of gemstones, from everyday people to legendary celebrities. Also Read – Battling depression, IIT Bombay student jumps from 7th floor of hostel building and dies

Why do the conventional properties of gemstones influence modern generations? ALSO READ – A person can feel anxious even in a safe environment, study finds

It is right to fight, challenge and even change the many stereotypical notions that our ancestors followed in the past. However, we should also accept the things they did well. This is one of the main reasons why the modern era is much more acceptable and open to the use of traditional knowledge in the contemporary world. The ultimate power of healing crystals is no longer just mythical, as the world continually witnesses many metaphysical phenomena. For example, the dramatic growth of many celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan and AR Rahman has proven that using genuine gemstones and a tiny bit of faith can completely change the course of your life.

Following in the footsteps of many Indian and international celebrities, generations today choose to wear these colorful and stunningly beautiful gemstones for spiritual entitlement, emotional comfort, physical health and peace in life. Additionally, these gemstones are said to surround the wearer with positivity and boost inner confidence, making it easier to make life-changing decisions. Plus, gemstones bring good luck because sometimes all you need is a little push to reach new heights.

It is pertinent to mention that according to India Brand Equity Foundation, through 500 manufacturing units, Indian gemstones and jewelry contribute 30% of total exports. Moreover, considering the exponential increase in the demands of healing crystals and gemstones, in April 2021, India imported gemstones and jewelry worth $2.19 billion. The aforementioned statistics clearly imply that the industry is growing and thriving rapidly, even in these trying times. And if the current trend continues, the growth will be exponential in the near future.


No matter how expensive the drugs are, they won’t work effectively until you start believing they can make you better. Likewise, even the rarest, most exorbitant and powerful gemstone will only be a stone until the wearer begins to believe in it. So whether you’re going through a tough breakup, financial struggles, work pressure, or feeling isolated and discouraged, trusting these tiny, sparkling gemstones can help you achieve success, contentment, and happiness in life.

(Contributions by Nitin Yadav, Founder and CEO of GemPundit)

Wendy R. Taylor