Meghan Markle’s crystal necklace has a hidden meaning

When Meghan Markle made a FaceTime appearance during Prince Harry’s recent appearance appearance on “The Late Late Show with James Corden”, she did this by wearing a crystal necklace with special meaning.

As confirmed to Page Six Style on Tuesday, the Duchess of Sussex, 39, paired her $30 puff-sleeve Velvet Torch dress with a much more expensive piece: a Trapezoidal lapis lazuli pendant from The Airelume, her friend’s “wearable talisman collection” Taryn Toomey’s brand, The Class.

“Lapis lazuli aids in self-expression and the revelation of one’s inner truth,” the product description reads. “This stone is widely considered a token of sincerity and wisdom – and is especially useful for anyone who needs a boost of self-confidence and a stronger connection to their inner voice.”

Markle’s brief appearance on ‘The Late Late Show’ came just days before the Sussexes’ explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which the Duchess said she felt ‘liberated’ to finally be able to speak for herself. -same. The revealer touched on topics ranging from racism to mental health.

It makes sense that Markle would choose a piece from Toomey’s jewelry line; she’s been friends with the fitness guru for years, and Toomey was even present at her star-studded baby shower in New York in 2019, when the Duchess was pregnant with son Archie.

And this is far from the first time that she sends a message with her choice of accessories; for her meeting with Winfrey, she wore Princess Diana’s diamond tennis bracelet to keep her late mother-in-law close, according to her spokesperson.

And before confirming that she and Prince Harry, 36, are expecting a baby girl, Markle appeared to hint at the gender of her second child with a pink sapphire ring.

Wendy R. Taylor