Crystal Healing Stones – How Do They Actually Work and How Can I Incorporate Them Into My Life?

Crystals may seem like the latest wellness trend, but they’re not. Crystal healing dates back millennia where they were often used as a form of medicine. But in our modern day, you might be looking at those bright, colorful rocks and wondering, “What are crystal healing stones and how do they actually work?”

For starters, the word crystal actually derives from the ancient Greek word krustallos which means both “ice” and “rock crystal”. “Technically speaking, crystals are structures that form when organic matter is exposed to a geological event, usually involving fire or water,” says Yulia Van Doren, founder of Goldirocks and author of Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing, at TZR.

Mother Nature can handcraft crystals in many different ways, “some form when molten carbon under pressure cools rapidly – get into everyone’s best friend, diamonds – or when a liquid solution evaporates, we let’s get amethyst, ‘The Energy Vampire Slayer’,” says Colleen McCann, a self-proclaimed (and registered) energy stylist, founder of Style Rituals, and author of Crystal Rx, at TZR.

This is how they are literally formed, but magically speaking, “crystals are unique little powerhouses of energy, transformative vibrations, and limitless magic,” says Van Doren. “When you hold a crystal, you’re holding a little piece of Earth history in your hand,” Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse, tells TZR.

“Crystal healing is woven into the threads of some of our most historic civilizations,” says McCann. “The Mayans, Incas, Ancient Egyptians, Australian Aborigines, Native Americans, Celtic Druids and many more traditionally used crystals in their healing practices.” The crystals they used varied however, as crystal healing is in the eye of the beholder. Although there are crystals that tend to be classified as “healing”, any crystal can technically be a healing crystal. “Choosing the right crystals — your ‘Power Stones’ — are the ones you feel the most connection to,” says McCann. “Listen to your intuition.”

What Crystals Heal?

As you just learned, most crystals can be used for healing, but there are a few in particular to watch out for, designer and crystal expert Ariana Ost tells TZR. All of these stones are valued for their overall positive energetic effects, but each has a unique quality of its own.


This clear crystal represents strength and reflects light, and is most often described as an illuminating stone. Ost recommends choosing quartz if you could only choose one. It’s one of the most common crystals on the planet, but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked – after all, there is strength in numbers.

pink quartz

Baby pink stone is often known for peace and enhancement of all types of love: self-love, unconditional love, and love of others. “There is no single definition for the potential of each crystal,” says Askinosie. “For example, rose quartz can be used either to heal one’s heart, or due to grief or grief, or low self-esteem – and it can also be used to attract love to self,” she said.


This yellow crystal is like the sun which attracts abundance and joy, says Ost. It is known to boost self-esteem and confidence, and is ideal for tapping into joyful and abundant vibes.


Plum-colored crystal helps promote rest, intuition, and deep sleep. Experts also suggest that it has the ability to lull you into a peaceful state of mind and relieve anxiety as well.


Iron pyrite – aka “The Ultimate Manifestor” as McCann calls it – is often called “fool’s gold” because it looks like gold to the untrained eye, but there’s nothing about this crystal. dumb. “Traditionally known for generating wealth, pyrite has a super-masculine vibe, and it’s great when we want to channel our inner divine masculine for confidence, willpower, perseverance, and getting things done,” McCann says. “The design junkie in me loves this stone because it grows naturally in perfectly formed squares.”

black tourmaline

The silicate crystal may look like a piece of charcoal with its black color and matte tone, but it’s powerful, says Ost. It is known to be protective and ward off negativity, absorbing energy like a carbon filter.

How to Use Healing Crystals

First of all (and this is important), you don’t need any special knowledge or training to start working with crystals. “There’s no right or wrong way to use crystals in your daily life,” says Van Doren. Want to place an amethyst on your desk? Anchor your yoga mat with rose quartz? Sleep with opal under your pillow? “Fantastic, if you feel like doing something with your crystals, do it,” she says. “Your intuition is your most precious magic, always listen to it, always trust it.” That said, Van Doren has a few ideas to start your crystal journey.


Crystallizing your living spaces is the easiest way to start adding crystals into your daily life. Place them wherever your intuition guides you (remember that some crystals fade in the sun).


Spend quiet time with your crystals to help deepen your connection with them. Try placing a crystal on your heart chakra (in the middle of the chest) or on the third eye chakra (between the eyebrows) and lie down quietly for a few minutes, inhaling and exhaling calmly.


Absorbing crystal energy while you dream can be extremely powerful, says Van Doren. Place crystals on your nightstand and/or under your pillow, mattress, or bed frame to heal and guide you while you sleep.


Try adding crystals to your bath water to turn bathing into an extra-blissful self-care ritual. “Tumbled stones usually make the bath’s best friends, and be sure to only use water-resistant crystals,” says Van Doren.

Crystals for the Doubters

Do you feel skeptical? Science is with you. In 2001, researchers from the University of London studied crystal healing and concluded that there was “no evidence that crystal healing works beyond a placebo effect”.

That said, science has shown that the placebo effect can be very real and very powerful. “I believe our thoughts, words and actions manifest the world we live in,” McCann says. “If someone tells me that a specific crystal has to do with personal power, and every time I look at it I have that thought in my head, I change the way I think about myself and the frequency of the energy I omit in the world Even if you don’t believe in the metaphysical aspect, the object can still become a symbol for your own manifestations.

Ost suggests looking alternately at crystals if the skeptic in you is still adamant. “Nature offers many healing dimensions, so try bringing crystals into your space like you would a houseplant no questions asked,” she says. “We all know houseplants can help purify the air, provide therapeutic effects of connecting with greenery, and boosting mood. Bringing crystals into your space is as intuitive as picking up rocks on the beach or on a special trip, we are naturally drawn to objects in nature,” says Ost.

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Wendy R. Taylor