Healing stones for zodiac signs can help restore balance

Jhere are many components of a birth chart that can illuminate a number of nuances of your unique astrological profile. For example, your moon sign reflects your inner emotional personality, your rising sign reflects how others see you, and your sun sign reflects your essence (and that’s what you would look at when reading your daily horoscope). All are essential to understanding the unique facets of your astrological makeup, but there’s more: Healing stones for zodiac signs boost your vibrations and help facilitate relaxation and balance.

“Astrology helps us better understand who we are and sheds light on both our strengths and weaknesses,” says astrologer Kate Feder of Basic Girl Astrology. “Each crystal has its own healing properties that draw parallels to the needs of each sign. For example, an Aries might want to work on patience and feeling still – a crystal like hematite, which promotes calm energy, is the perfect match.

Healing stones for zodiac signs offer balancing and uplifting vibrations. But before buying one, do your due diligence to find an ethically sourced stone by asking the seller about its origins (or, you might consider devoting a mindfulness practice to focusing on the powers the stone has). healing brings you). Below, find out which healing stone matches your zodiac sign.

Begin to feel empowered and balanced by using the healing stones for the signs of the zodiac, described below.

Aries: hematite

Hematite helps promote focus, which Aries can use: they have a fiery energy that can lead to both positive spontaneity and impulsiveness. Hematite helps hold perspective, ground that fiery energy, and bring you back to Earth before irrational actions are taken.

Taurus: rose quartz

Rose quartz promotes love and Taurus like to love. But, you can also be incredibly stubborn, and rose quartz is helpful in fostering receptivity and openness to new thoughts and opinions.

Gemini: clear quartz

Geminis are always searching for their identity, and clear quartz is helpful in finding the clarity you seek. Quartz is also helpful in reminding ourselves that we are allowed to be exactly who we are and never apologize for it, which is a perfect sentiment for a multi-faceted Gemini.

Cancer: moonstone

Cancers are ruled by the Moon and powered by water, which can cause them to skew emotions (given that the Moon rules emotions). Keeping moonstone by your side will help nurture that inner child and give you some much needed TLC.

Leo: Sunstone

Leo is the opposite of Cancer in that those with Leo as their sun sign are ruled by the sun. Sunstone is helpful in promoting that inner fire to help you be most confident. Although you are known for your confidence, you are also deeply emotional and creative. Switch back to Sunstone when you need an extra lion roar.

Virgo: Howlite

Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac, which means you often struggle to tap into your earthly energy and stay grounded. Howlite is the perfect stone for Virgos because it promotes calming and grounded energy.

Libra: citrine

Libra leads a life of luxury and brings balance to the wheel of the zodiac; However, Libras are also extremely indecisive and find it difficult to trust their decisions. This is why golden citrine, a member of the quartz family, is the perfect crystal for a Libra. Bring Citrine close to your heart when you need a boost of confidence and self-love.

Scorpio: obsidian

Scorpios often fight hard for those they love and they are naturally protective. Obsidian is the perfect crystal for a Scorpio because it protects you from negativity by absorbing that negative energy and locking it away.

Sagittarius: tiger eye

Sagittarius sun signs have a passion for learning new information and are often the life of the party. Tiger’s Eye promotes passion, self-confidence and is a happy crystal in nature, so go to Tiger’s Eye when looking to ignite your inner warrior.

Capricorn: muscovite

A person with a Capricorn sun sign is likely to be logical, which makes muscovite great because it promotes logical thinking. If you feel like you’re struggling with the fog, Capricorn, take some muscovite for clarity.

Aquarius: garnet

Garnet tends to help Aquarians feel more grounded and in touch with their sense of purpose. Aquarians are often seen as lacking in emotion, and all over the place. Garnet offers a centering quality.

Pisces: amethyst

Amethyst is almighty, as it promotes digestion and temperance. This is perfect for watery Pisces, who tend to live in a dreamy state with worries about the future. Bring amethyst into your life when you need something calming, soothing, and pain relieving.

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Wendy R. Taylor