Meaning of Crystals and Best Healing Stones for Love

Why do people use crystals for healing or to attract love?

Do gemstones really carry the kind of power people need in times of trouble?

If so, which energy stone should you try, and how do you know which gemstone to buy for the kind of help you need?

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When life feels like an unbalanced mess, we all turn to different things to help turn our lives around.

Some people have hobbies, others focus on spending quality time with friends.

For me, I like looking at crystals to help me.

From experience I have learned that certain crystals have healing and aligning properties associated with them.

The use of various gemstones can range from attracting loving energies to repelling negative people.

I have even found that healing stones can help with sickness and health.

I love using crystals when I have issues with love, success, and mental clarity.

Here are six crystals I swear on because they help me.

​1. Rose Quartz

Meaning – stone of universal love

This beautiful little gem is one of the most powerful gems to attract love.

Its light pink color makes it an easy stone to use in both jewelry and decoration, so you can always have a little rose quartz by your side.

You don’t believe in his powers?

I once bought a beautiful rose quartz pendulum necklace with a metal case of roses.

Not even ten minutes after buying it, I had 20 new matches on Tinder and Bumble, ten new messages, and 3 people creeping into my DMs.

I always wear this crystal sparingly because of the amount of love it tries to attract for me.

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2. Malachite

Meaning – stone of good luck

It is a beautiful dark green stone that you can usually find in the shape of a cube.

It has lighter green dance ribbons all over it.

This stone is amazing for helping to heal a broken heart. It attracts positive energy towards you and helps promote an optimistic outlook on life.

It also helps to open hearts to all types of love.

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3. Green Aventurine

Meaning – wellness stone

This stone comes in a light mint green/seafoam color with white accents sprinkled throughout.

It is considered one of the most lucky stones and is therefore known as the stone of opportunity.

It encourages creative and motivating energy to help solve problems as well as put you in the best possible place when faced with a difficult situation.

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4. Citrine

Meaning – manifestation stone

It is my favorite stone for success. It’s not as lucky as green aventurine, but its light orange color attracts good luck.

It’s incredibly effective when starting a new business.

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It helps to attract success, to achieve your goals and to be able to establish a solid foundation in your life.

It’s a great gift for a friend starting a new career.

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5. Clear Quartz

Meaning – stone of power

Clear quartz is one of the most popular stones for mental clarity, and for good reason.

This stone helps promote clear and unbiased thinking.

It helps dispel distractions, and in combination with other gemstones can be an extremely useful and powerful healing crystal.

Stay away from clear quartz crystals which look cloudier, they won’t be as effective.

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6. Smoky Quartz

Meaning – stone of stability

This stone is not as popular as stones like Tiger’s Eye, but I find it extremely useful.

For mental clarity, smoky quartz aims to dispel contradictions.

It is an excellent stabilizing stone, helping to ground thoughts and ideas when they come together.

It is also effective at clearing negative energy, which can also be very distracting.

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