What is the meaning of the Kyber crystal necklace in ‘Andor?’

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for Andor first season, episode four, “Aldhani.

A kyber crystal appears in Andor and it’s more important than you think. star wars shows are notorious for dropping hearty easter eggs for fans too eager to find out, but this crystal is relevant for A thug: A Star Wars Storythe Jedi and the Death Star.

In Andor episode four, “Aldhani”, Luthen (Stellan Skarsgård) recruits Cassian (Diego Luna) for a mission to steal the quarterly payroll of an entire Imperial site on Aldhani. Before leaving, Luthen gives the thief his necklace, a Kuati signet ring made of a blue kyber crystal and a sky stone, as a down payment. It comes from the ancient world and celebrates the uprising against the Rakatan invaders. Luthen says it means a lot to him and he expects it all to be over. This shows Luthen’s faith in Cassian and his belief that he will recover from the difficult ordeal ahead.

Andor is a prequel to A thug and a kyber crystal also appeared in this film. Jyn Erso’s (Felicity Jones) mother, Lyra (Valene Kane), took a kyber crystal fragment from her husband, the research of scientist Galen (Madds Mikkelson), and brought it to Lah’mu. She then made a pendant out of it which she gave to Jyn in the hopes that it would bring good luck, and she might have been onto something.

Kyber crystals are attuned to the Force. They are found on several planets, including Ilum, Jedha, Lothall, Exegol, and Utopau, and Jedi use them in the construction of their lightsabers, and Jedi Knights have a deep connection with them. The crystal is initially colorless until it connects with a Jedi and takes on the colors blue or green (or in Mace Windu’s case, purple), and retains that color indefinitely. A Jedi is guided by the Force when selecting the crystal, and the vibration of the lightsaber blade helps them stay centered and balanced in the Force. It is because of these properties that it is also believed that these special crystals could give non-Jedi individuals increased fortune for their tasks, as it is an extension of the Force.

The way the kyber crystals were given to the heroes creates parallels between them. Jyn receives one from one of her parents and Cassian receives one from a parental figure (albeit a new presence in her life). None of these characters are Jedi, yet they were instrumental in shaping the fate of the galaxy. The kyber crystals hint at the great journey ahead, and all roads lead directly to the Death Star.

Although kyber crystals can be used for good, they can also be manipulated for darker purposes. Kyber crystals were used to power the Death Star, and its destructive force was terrifying. It took massive amounts of these crystals to power the giant space station’s laser, and its creation was a threat to the entire galaxy. Kyber Crystals were used when Galen was first recruited for the Project Celestial Power project and several planets were taken over and their precious resources were stolen by the Empire to satisfy their lust for ultimate domination.

Indigenous groups affected by Imperial forces are an important part of the history of Andor. This is seen on Aldhani when the native Dhanis were displaced because the territory was tactically advantageous to the Empire. In flashbacks, we learn more about Cassian’s life as a youth on the planet Kenari. He was part of a native tribe, and his planet was lush, green, and alive until it was invaded by Imperial forces.

Kenari became restricted after an “Imperial mining accident”, which turned it into a heavily guarded place that no one could easily enter. If history repeats itself, this could all be a ruse to hide a more serious event. Under orders from Darth Vader, Director Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn) covered up the Death Star’s destruction of Jedha as a “mining accident”, which could mean that Kenari was actually the first planet the Death Star was on. death star has been tested if they use a similar. raison.

Cassian and Jyn were both affected and radicalized by the Death Star and set on a path to help destroy it. Kyber crystals are central to both stories and they symbolize their important destinies, but also symbolize corruption in that they are used in the construction of the planet-destroying space station. These crystals are powerful and can connect people to great power. Just make sure it is used in the right way, otherwise it could have devastating consequences.

Wendy R. Taylor