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Does anyone else need all the good vibes possible? Or maybe you just want to trade in your charm necklace for something a little…~vibier~? Crystal fans say these shimmering rocks vibrate at frequencies that can connect to our own, promoting intelligence, calm, self-love, and all sorts of other positive qualities. They work like this: the energy of the crystal combines with our own vibrations, creating a whole new wavelength that has specific qualities. And hey, if you’re not sure about any of that, even crystal skeptics have to agree that they’re beautiful, right?

You can use a crystal in many ways: you can wear one on jewelry, place one on your bedside table, place them throughout your home, meditate with them, place them on your altar, and even take one with you. . your bra. Of course, you can also use them as decor, because even skeptics have to admit that these little guys are gorgeous.

A note on buying crystals: There are no international regulations on crystal mining, and some crystals on the market have been mined by forced or child labor, or have a serious impact on the environment in which they are extracted. When buying crystals, avoid crystals that seem oddly cheap and look for stores that share information about their sourcing practices. If in doubt, you can always ask the retailer where their crystals come from. If they don’t know, it’s a bad sign. (For more on ethical crystal shopping, read this article.)

If you can’t walk into your local witch shop these days (what, don’t you?), you can find plenty of crystals online. Here are a few:

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Spiritual Nectar

Amethyst Bottle Necklace

Etsy seller The Spirit Nectar offers sustainable and fair trade crystals and donates $1 for each sale.


Moonrise Crystal

peacock ore

The Hawaiian Moonrise Crystal retailer lets you sort your rocks by color.


House of NteKKah

The “royal” chakra set with a clearing selenite slab

Black-owned retailer House of NteKKah offers crystal sets containing hand-selected stones, as well as individual crystals and other metaphysical products.


Peach and Pixie

Rose Quartz Tip

Rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals, as it is meant to promote self-love, love-love, and healing. Peach and Pixie, another black-owned brand, offers a wide variety of different crystals in different shapes.


Aquarius Soul

Gemstone Facial Rolls

In addition to individual crystals, Aquarian Soul offers crystal-focused wellness products, such as facial rollers and baths.


happy soul online

Pendulum – Aventurine

In addition to a variety of crystals in different shapes and sizes, Happy Soul Online offers rare gemstones, such as a gigantic $10,000 amethyst.


The life of Sankofa

2.5 inch Selenite Towers

The black-owned shop, Sankofa Living, takes its name from a word used by the Akan tribe in Ghana, which translates to “it is not taboo to go after what is in danger of being left behind”. .


House of Intuition

Set of Mercury Retrograde Crystals

LA-based boutique House of Intuition offers select crystals for a variety of purposes, including this Mercury Retrograde kit (I need it).


Created by Navajo Hands

Handmade Sterling Silver Navajo Bracelet with Turquoise

The Navajo-owned brand, Created By Navajo Hands, offers jewelry with gemstones like turquoise and tiger’s eye.



Queen of the Underworld Ring in Garnet

For ethically sourced, vegan and creatively designed jewelery with crystals and gemstones, check out UK-based Bonearrow.


muse of energy

Rainbow moonstone moon necklace

Whether you’re looking for crystal jewelry, crystal sets, crystal baths, or just crystals, Energy Muse has it.


Kotah Bear

Band of multi-stone arches

The Kotah Bear brand, owned by Diné, offers jewelry and accessories handcrafted by Native American artisans.


Seven Jewels Shop

Rose Quartz Star Sphere

Seven Gems, a black-owned, Bay Area-based crystal boutique, offers ethically sourced crystals at various budgets, including a featured section under $25.


Modern mystical shop

carnelian skull

Hello, yes I need a crystal in the shape of a skull.


The Zen Company

Rose quartz crystal pyramid

The black-owned business, The Zen Company, offers handmade crystal pyramids and jewelry.

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